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Chairs & Directors Handbook

Disclaimer: This handbook cannot and is not intended to address all circumstances related to the role of a chair or director. Its purpose is to provide a convenient reference to relevant policies and other resources commonly needed by chairs and directors. No provision of this handbook may be applied in contradiction of any policies of the Board of Trustees of Illinois State University, the University, or of any official documents. This handbook contains information in place as of the date of publication. This information is subject to change, modification, interpretation, and elimination at any time as a result of action by federal and/or state governments, by the Trustees of the Board of Trustees of Illinois State University, and by the University administration. Not all situations will be covered. Where policies do not apply or do not exist, the University retains its inherent right to create new policies and manage the University through its administration and Board of Trustees.

The information below has been compiled by chairs/directors for chairs/directors. The sections contain links to commonly-accessed websites and useful documents (including documents housed elsewhere on University websites). We hope that the information is helpful not only to new chairs/directors, but also to existing ones who may need the most up-to-date information at their fingertips.

We appreciate any feedback so that we can make this as useful as possible in the coming years. Send comments to either Craig Gatto or Christie Wissmiller.

Chairs/Directors Handbook: Table of Contents