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Sage Fund

To ensure full consideration, requests must meet the Harold K. Sage Fund agreement guidelines, which is reserved for the following purposes:

  1. To commission outstanding authors, scholars, and scientists to appear in public lectures or colloquia available at Illinois State University.
  2. To commission outstanding authors, scholars, artists, scientists, or musicians to come to Illinois State University to deliver lectures to classes and to the academic community.

Please note, that it is the intention of Harold K. Sage Fund agreement to provide support for public presentations that have broad appeal to the campus and surrounding community. Due to the rapidly increasing popularity of Sage Fund requests for guest lecturers, it is important to understand that funds will not be authorized for a speaker/presentation that may not be available at a time or location that will be publicly accessible to the campus and our surrounding community. In addition, proposals with a cost-share plan will be given priority to provide equitable opportunities for all colleges.

  • Fall Semester: Due May 1st
  • Spring semester: Due September 1st