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Full-Cost Recovery

The purpose of the Full-Cost Recovery (FCR) funding model is to provide academic units the ability to deliver courses to address the needs of a specific population of students, not currently enrolled, degree or certificate-seeking students, who would not otherwise enroll at Illinois State University if not for the unique deliver/location of the course.

Individual Courses

Eligibility and Guidelines for Individual FCR Courses

Application Materials

For questions, contact Amy Witzig, the Provost Office.

  1. Full-Cost Recovery Course ONLINE Application 
  2. The appropriate Budget Estimate Worksheet (one per course submitted prior to each semester) may be attached to the online form:

Degree Programs and Certificates

Eligibility and Guidelines for FCR Courses affiliated with a Degree or Certificate Program

Application Materials

At least one year prior to the start of the first students being admitted to the program, submit the following application materials to Amy Witzig, Office of the Provost, Campus Box 4000.

  • FCR Degree or Certificate Program Application
  • Plan of Study
  • Number of students to be admitted into cohort or program and when new students will be admitted
  • Financial Plan - refer to the Eligibility and Guidelines document above
  • FCR Course Application (see above for document) - for courses being offered the first semester of the program
  • Appropriate Course Budget Estimate Worksheet - one for each of the courses that will be offered during the first semester of the program (see above for document)

Note: Course Applications and Budget Estimate Worksheets must be submitted before each semester they are being offered.

Timeline for FCR-Related Transfers

The transfer of salaries will follow the schedule below:

  • Fall Courses- End of August/September
  • Spring Courses- January
  • Summer Courses- May for all courses, plan to complete paperwork to SBC funds for courses starting after July 1.

The transfer of residuals (funds remaining after all direct expenses have been paid) courses will follow the schedule below:

  • Fall Courses- Beginning of January
  • Spring Courses- End of May
  • Summer Courses- Beginning of September

Contact Amy Witzig with questions.