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Distance Education Work Group

Work Group Members

  • Perry Schoon, Interim Associate Vice President, Global Education and Online Initiatives, Office of the Provost
  • Jim Applegate, Specialist, College of Education
  • Aysen Bakir, Professor, Marketing
  • Jeff Barrett, Professor, Math
  • Luis Canales, Director, International Studies
  • Traci Carte, Director, Information Technology
  • Charlie Edamala, Associate Vice President, Technology Solutions
  • Rosie Hauck, Executive Director, Office of Advanced Technology Support for Faculty
  • Wes Matejka, IT Manager, College of Education
  • Pete Smudde, Interim Director, Physics
  • Deneca Winfrey Avant, Interim Assistant Vice President for Academic Administration, Office of the Provost

Work Group Goals

  1. Determine which processes/procedures/technology should be consolidated
  2. Determine which elements of the Illinois State Online plan developed over the past two years should be recommended for development and resourcing

Major Initiatives

The initiatives mirror the goals. Other topics of discussion:

  • What can be done to build upon the work that has been done during the pandemic?
  • What additional technology infrastructure is needed?
  • Where are the gaps?
  • Will programs be more willing to go completely online now?

Suggestions for this Work Group?

What would you like to see the group discuss? What are the issues/policies that you would like to see streamlined? Other questions? Please email suggestions to Provost.