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Academic Programs Work Group

Work Group Members

  • Cooper Cutting , Assistant Vice President, Academic Planning, Office of the Provost
  • Jana Albrecht, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management, Office of the Provost
  • Alan Bates, Director, Teaching and Learning
  • Luis Canales, Director, International Studies
  • Rachel Caracci, Associate Director, Graduate School
  • Seon Yoon Chung, Associate Dean, Mennonite College of Nursing
  • Stacey Jones-Bock, Interim Associate Dean, College of Education
  • Chad Kahl, Associate Dean, Milner Library
  • Jeff Mavros, Director, Admissions
  • Craig, McLauchlan, Associate Vice President for Research & Graduate Studies, Office of the Provost
  • Derek Meyers, Assistant Director, University Assessment Services
  • Dimitrios Nikolaou, Associate Professor, Economics
  • Terry Noel, Associate Dean, College of Business
  • Sally Parry, Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Cara Rabe-Hemp, Associate Dean, College of Applied Science & Technology
  • Perry Schoon, Interim Associate Vice President, Global Education and Online Initiatives, Office of the Provost
  • George Seelinger, Chair, Mathematics
  • Sara Semonis, Associate Dean, Wonsook Kim College of Fine Arts
  • Archana Shekara, Associate Professor, Wonsook Kim School of Art
  • Ryan Smith, Director, University Assessment Services

Work Group Goals

  • Identify potential areas for new program development (e.g., accelerated masters programs, internationalizing programs, ISU Online initiatives, potential Engineering programs, etc.)
  • Review and revise the new program development process
  • Review and revise program review processes

Major Initiatives

  • Publicize new program development opportunities
  • Develop resources to create better understanding of the new program development processes (e.g., web pages, develop short workshops/presentations) and look for revisions to help streamline processes
  • Providing greater access to program review relevant data; integrating student and faculty success measures into program review; and increasing the relationship between annual reporting and the 8-year program review reporting

Suggestions for this Work Group?

What would you like to see the group discuss? What are the issues/policies that you would like to see streamlined? Other questions? Please email suggestions to Provost.