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University Faculty Support Network

The University Faculty Support Network (UFSN) is a program sponsored by the Provost Office in collaboration with CIPD, the Office of the Cross Chair in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, and the Office of Research. The purpose of the UFSN is to promote an environment of support that encourages the personal and professional development of faculty. The program is aimed for junior faculty within their first three years at ISU. This program is intended to supplement, not replace, existing mentoring programs at the department or college levels. Our goal is to help faculty have a successful career at ISU and support them throughout their academic journey. The UFSN provides programming through three domains: a teaching strand, scholarship/career advancement strand, and a person/well-being strand.

Through this network, we hope to:

  • Help faculty integrate into the University and build a supportive professional and personal network.
  • Encourage interdisciplinary discussions and collaborations.
  • Share information about resources related to faculty success, both personally and professionally.
  • Support faculty development as both teachers and scholars.
  • Provide faculty with tools and suggestions for successfully navigating the tenure and promotion process.
  • Empower faculty to identify a mentoring system that will help them navigate different areas of their academic lives.

UFSN Strands

  • Teaching Strand

    Aligned with the dimensions of the Framework for Inclusive Teaching Excellence (FITE), the teaching strand of the UFSN focuses on discussions central to effective teaching practices. Led by a CIPD facilitator, circle participants explore various issues related to teaching at ISU. Past topics of discussion have centered on the science of learning, culturally responsive teaching, and building a classroom learning community. Topics are selected based on the current teaching context and in response to the needs of the group. The Early Career Circle is a combination of networking, professional development, and peer support.

  • Scholarship Strand

    Aligned with the Faculty Success Teacher-Person-Scholar model, this strand of UFSN focuses on creating a supportive environment to enhance faculty scholarship and creative activities, and help junior faculty develop the necessary skills needed for career progression. Workshops on scholarly productivity, timeline to tenure, mentoring, and many more are offered during the year. Registration is required.

  • Career Advancement/Well-Being Strand

    Aligned with the Faculty Success Teacher-Person-Scholar model, this strand of UFSN focuses on career advancement, wellness, and connecting faculty with others in the campus community to create a supportive personal and/or professional network of individuals to support faculty success. Sessions provide an opportunity to engage in conversations with different groups so that faculty can meet others who share similar cultural and social identities, learn about wellness, and learn strategies for career progression. Registration is required.

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