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NCFDD Faculty Success Program

The NCFDD Faculty Success Program is an intense, 12-week online-based program, designed to transform the personal and professional life of faculty. Participants learn strategies to increase their research productivity, better manage their time and energy, and live a full and healthy life beyond campus. The program is intended for tenure-track and tenured faculty members who want to improve research productivity through intense accountability, coaching, and peer support and to propel their work-life balance and personal growth to a completely new level.

Program Outcomes

  1. Set achievable personal and professional goals that align with our institution’s priorities and your own values.
  2. Create a realistic and concrete plan to meet your goals.
  3. Establish and maintain a healthy and sustainable daily writing habit.
  4. Develop a publication portfolio that will exceed our institution's criteria for promotion.
  5. Better manage your time spent on teaching, service, research, and writing so that it aligns with your goals.
  6. Identify obstacles that are holding you back and strategies to move through them.
  7. Prioritize your physical and emotional health.
  8. Participate in an intensely supportive community that processes day-to-day challenges, pushes individuals when they need it, and celebrates members' successes as they occur.

NCFDD Faculty Success Program Summer Session


Summer 2024 - May 20 - July 28, 2024

Cost and Registration

  • Summer 2024 FSP Registration $5,150 (per faculty member)
  • Priority Registration Discount ($4,150) ends March 8, 2024

Program Support from the Office of the Provost

The Office of the Provost will provide up to $2,800 per person in funding assistance for up to ten recipients for full-time tenure-track and tenured faculty to participate in the NCFDD Faculty Success Program summer 2024 session.

Colleges/ Departments are required to provide matching funds to pay for the remaining registration cost, $1,350. To apply for funding assistance from the Office of the Provost, please see the application process and deadlines information below.

Application Process, Deadlines, and Registration

If you would like to apply for one of the Faculty Success Program scholarships from the Office of the Provost for the Summer 2024 NCFDD Faculty Success Program session, please submit your online application here. An endorsement and commitment of funds form must accompany scholarship applications and be submitted with the online application. Click here to download the endorsement and commitment form. Faculty Success Scholarships from the Office of the Provost may only be awarded to a faculty member once, but individuals whose applications are not funded may re-apply if funds are available from the Office of the Provost at a later time.

The Deadline to apply for funds from the Office of the Provost for participating in the Summer 2024 NCFDD Faculty Success Program is 4:30 p.m., Wednesday, March 6, 2024. 

Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee, and you will be notified no later than March 11th, 2024, of the decision. If you are awarded a scholarship from the Office of the Provost and you accept it, Connie Blick, Administrative Aide in the Office of the Provost (, will coordinate the transfer of funds from your School/Department. The Office of the Provost will complete the FSP registration on behalf of those selected to participate.

Please note: Participation in the NCFDD Faculty Success Program is open only to faculty who are active NCFDD Members. You can claim your free membership at NCFDD page. NCFDD will not consider your registration to the FSP without an active individual membership.

Requirements for Recipients of Program Funding Support

Faculty who receive funding support are expected to complete the Faculty Success Program and engage in all activities described in the program. Please note that NCFDD’s Faculty Success Program is described as a “boot camp” for a reason: The program is designed to challenge participants to maximize their professional growth in a supportive context.

Faculty who receives funding from the Office of the Provost, will be part of a local cohort/shared experience group. To complement the support within the NCFDD program, personnel from the Office of the Provost will facilitate a regular meeting time for group discussion, support, and accountability. Also, within a year following completion of the program, recipients either individually or in small groups are required to share what they learned from their participation with the university community. This commitment must be determined by October 2024 in coordination with the Office of the Provost. Sample activities could include:

  1. Designing and leading a professional development workshop or panel session on topics or lessons learned from participation in the program.
  2. Creating a podcast or writing a professional blog for university communication outlets on relevant topics related to lessons learned from your participation in the program (e.g., career planning; time management).
  3. Facilitating a weekly or monthly writing group with graduate students or faculty in your department/school or college.
  4. Presenting their proposal at the University Teaching Symposium facilitated by the Center for Integrated Professional Development.