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Center for Integrated Professional Development

The Center for Integrated Professional Development provides a wide variety of professional development opportunities centered on evidence-based approaches for teaching to support student learning, retention, and success. All course instructors across campus have access to the Center's programming, which includes workshops, learning communities, technology trainings, individual consultations, and other opportunities to learn about topics central to teaching and learning.

The Center's staff provide hundreds of professional development opportunities each year and facilitate two large events on campus to celebrate teaching and learning: New Faculty Orientation and the University-Wide Teaching and Learning Symposium. Experienced faculty mentors help support and inform programming, which in the 2020-21 academic year will expand to offer specialized professional development for graduate students. Staff at the Center produce a podcast series called “Let’s Talk Teaching,” and have created dozens of instructional videos and handouts to support the use of ReggieNet, ISU’s learning management system. Most recently, the Center's staff developed a multi-module, asynchronous platform for professional development in the area of online and hybrid course design.

The Center's personnel serve in a variety of capacities across campus to support a myriad initiatives in support of the greater ISU community. The Center's staff helped to develop the Framework for Inclusive Teaching Excellence and serve as mentors and supporters of those involved in GROWTH professional development programming, which targets specific, college-based professional development needs.The Director of the Center is the Chair of the University Teaching Committee. The Center's staff also serve on a variety of other campus committees and initiatives such as the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council, the General Education Executive Committees and Working Groups, ISU’s Sustainability Task Force, the Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning Advisory Board, and numerous other working groups related to high-impact teaching and learning practices.

The Assistant Vice President for Faculty Development, Diversity, and Learning has oversight responsibility for the Center.

Points of Pride

  • The Center for Integrated Professional Development is staffed by experts in various areas of teaching and learning who regularly partner with faculty, staff, students, and administration to support student success.
  • The Center designed and, with the help of 17 faculty mentors in addition to the Center's staff, delivered 118 workshops in the summer of 2020.
  • The Center's staff developed 11 innovative online “DIY” modules and four ReggieNet course templates to scaffold course instructors in their move from face-to-face to online and hybrid instruction in response to Covid-19.
  • Faculty, staff, and GTAs from all colleges were represented across 3000 registrations for these learning opportunities during the summer 2020.
  • The Center uses a lens of equity, diversity, and inclusion to ground all programming, aligning all offerings to the Framework for Inclusive Teaching Excellence.
  • The Center helps teacher-scholars build networks, forming learning communities and fostering connections across instructors to explore new ideas in teaching and learning.
  • The Center routinely pairs with campus partners to offer a varied and diverse slate of programming. From fall 2019-summer 2020, over 15 different campus units worked with CTLT staff to design and deliver professional development opportunities.
  • The Center staff organize a yearly University-Wide Teaching and Learning Symposium, attended by over 400 faculty and staff each year, to celebrate teaching at ISU.
  • The Center staff are dedicated to the use of evidence-based approaches to teaching, and endeavor to model these at each professional development event they offer.