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University Professors

The designation of University Professor exists to enable Illinois State to honor individual faculty members or administrators with appropriate faculty designation to demonstrate to the University and broader community that excellence is the foundation of Illinois State University and to assist in the recruitment and retention of outstanding faculty members.

For more information about the qualifications, responsibilities, and rights of University Professors see ISU's Policies.

Past Winners

  • 2014 - David Malone, Geography/Geology
  • 2013 - Ani Yazedjian, Family and Consumer Sciences
  • 2013 - Tim Hunt, English
  • 2013 - Fred Smith, Sociology and Anthropology
  • 2012 - Jim Jawahar, Management and Quantitative Methods
  • 2012 - Ali Riaz, Politics and Government
  • 2011 - Q. Charles Su, Physics
  • 2010 - Daniel Everett, Languages, Literatures and Cultures
  • 1974 - *Ben C. Hubbard, Educational Administration and Foundations

*Designated by the ISU Board of Regents

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