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Program Review

At Illinois State University primary responsibility for the quality of academic programs resides with faculty. Academic programs are reviewed by the Academic Planning Committee, an external committee of the Academic Senate with faculty representation from each college. The program review process, including the work of the Academic Planning Committee, is facilitated by the Office of the Provost.  Program review is carried out in a manner consistent with principals of shared governance at Illinois State and with guidelines established by the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE).  Academic program review is both a critical and constructive process through which learning outcomes are documented and actions for program improvement are identified.


Each academic program offered by the University is reviewed every eight years. Research and service centers are reviewed every four years. New academic programs and centers are reviewed three years after their establishment. Interim reports (aka follow-up reports) due between self-studies may be requested by the Academic Planning Committee.

Program review schedule by year
Program review schedule by program and center


Guidelines for preparing program review self-studies due fall 2015:

Undergraduate programs
Graduate programs


There are three primary sources of data for conducting program review self-studies.

Academic program profiles
Student learning outcomes assessment data
Standard data sets and reports

Academic program profiles

An academic program profile is compiled annually for each degree program by the Office of Planning, Research, and Policy Analysis (PRPA). Profiles are distributed to departments/schools each fall by PRPA and the Office of the Provost. Questions regarding the profile or requests for replacement copies may be directed to the Office of the Provost (see contacts below). For a description of each metric included in the fall 2014 release, see the academic program profile glossaries (undergraduate programs, graduate programs).

Student learning outcomes assessment data

During the year prior to conducting the program review self-study, program faculty members are asked to review and update the student learning outcomes assessment plan that faculty members have adopted for the program. Faculty members then implement assessment activities described in the plan and use assessment results to identify program strengths and actions to improve student learning. University Assessment Services works exclusively in the area of student learning outcomes assessment. University Assessment staff is available to assist with the assessment component of program review as well as with class, department, and unit assessment projects. University Assessment Services conducts institution-wide assessment projects at multiple points of students' academic and co-curricular experiences. Results of those assessments may also be useful in program review.

Standard data sets and reports

The Office of Planning, Research, and Policy Analysis (PRPA) regularly compiles data that program faculty might use to conduct the program review self-study. Key PRPA sources are linked below.

University Data (including University FactBook and Graduate DataBook)
Student Data (enrollment, demographics, retention, graduation)
Faculty Staff Data (credit hours)
Peer Groups (benchmark and comparator universities)


The purpose of program review is to maximize student learning in academic programs by identifying program elements that are working well and merit continuation as well as aspects of a program that can be improved. The program review process at Illinois State is predicated on the belief that program analysis is best done by the faculty members who design and deliver the program. The Academic Planning Committee serves to support and reinforce the work of program faculty by providing an external perspective based on experience working across all programs at the institution. The Academic Planning Committee review culminates in recommendations discussed with program administrators and faculty before they are finalized. Recommendations are published in program review summaries included in the annual Academic Plan. The plan is then reviewed by the Academic Senate and approved by the Board of Trustees. See the Academic Plan section of this website for the current and archived editions of the plan.


Program review process, content, and data requests

Dr. Jim Jawahar
Associate Provost
(309) 438-7018
Email: jimoham@ilstu.edu

Bruce Stoffel
Coordinator of Academic Programs and Policy
(309) 438-2922
Email: brstoff@ilstu.edu

Student learning outcomes assessment

Dr. Ryan Smith
Director, University Assessment Services
(309) 438-2135
Email: rlsmith@ilstu.edu

Derek Herrmann
Assistant Director, University Assessment Services
(309) 438-7325
Email: djherrm@ilstu.edu


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