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Program Review

At Illinois State University, primary responsibility for the quality of academic programs resides with faculty.  Academic programs are reviewed by the Academic Planning Committee, an external committee of the Academic Senate.

Program Review is carried out in a manner compatible with institutional academic planning mechanisms and guidelines established by the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE).  Academic program review is both a critical and constructive process through which learning outcomes are documented and actions for program improvement are identified.

Each academic program offered by the University is reviewed every eight years.  Progress of new programs is reviewed three years after program establishment.  Research and service centers approved by the IBHE are reviewed every four years.

Program Review Schedule by Year
Program Review Schedule by Program and Center

Summary reports for each program and center reviewed are published in the Academic Plan.  See Academic Plan for the current plan and previous six editions.

Program Review Guidelines

Guidelines for preparing program review self-studies due fall 2013:

Undergraduate Programs
Graduate Programs

Guidelines for preparing program review self-studies due fall 2014:

Undergraduate Programs
Graduate Programs

Program Review Data

A wealth of data is available to programs for their use in conducting their program self study. Much of this data is compiled by the Office of Planning, Research, and Policy Analysis (PRPA) on campus.  Particularly useful data sources are listed below.  Inquiries about data not available through these sources may be made to the program review contact below.

Program review datasets have been specially compiled by PRPA for programs currently in the review process.  Datasets provide most of the data needed to complete the program review self-study.  For assistance interpreting the data see Definitions, Example: Time-to-degree of Completers (Native), and Example: 6-year Graduation Rate.  

Minors: Enrollment, Degrees Conferred
National Survey of Student Engagement
University FactBook
Graduate Data Book
Academic Productivity Measures

Beginning the Program Review Process:
The Assessment Plan

Prior to beginning its self-study, each program reviews and updates its program assessment plan.  Assessment activities identified in the revised plan are then implemented, and assessment results are used to identify program strengths and actions for program improvement.  University Assessment Services (UAS) works exclusively in the area of student learning outcomes assessment.  UAS staff is available to assist with the assessment component of program review as well as with class, department, and unit assessment projects.  UAS conducts institution-wide assessment projects at multiple points of students' academic and co-curricular experiences.  Results of these assessments may also be useful in program review.

Assessment Plans for Degree Programs
General Education Program Assessment

Contact Information

Program Review

Dr. Jim Jawahar
Associate Provost
(309) 438-7018
Email: jimoham@ilstu.edu

Bruce Stoffel
Coordinator of Academic Programs and Policy
(309) 438-2922
Email: brstoff@ilstu.edu


Dr. Ryan Smith
Director, University Assessment Services
(309) 438-2135
Email: rlsmith@ilstu.edu

Derek Herrmann
Coordinator, University Assessment Services
(309) 438-7325
Email: djherrm@ilstu.edu


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