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Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

Dr. Jan M. Murphy


401 Hovey Hall
Phone: (309) 438-7018
Fax: (309) 438-5602

The Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs provides leadership in the planning, development, implementation, and assessment of all academic programs and many service areas. The Provost serves as the chief academic officer of the University with responsibility for academic and senior-level internal leadership and serves as the primary representative for the President in his absence. The Provost also coordinates the team of senior staff to achieve the University's established major goals as identified by the President and the Board of Trustees. This team coordinates reporting units, carries out teaching and learning initiatives, and works with other representative bodies to maintain the University's tradition of shared governance.

Dr. Murphy's career spans over 30 years at the department, college, and university levels. She joined the University in 1986 as an Assistant Professor of family and consumer sciences, becoming a full professor in 1995. She served as the University’s Associate Provost for more than 10 years and has previously served as Interim Provost (2008). Her roles in the College of Applied Science and Technology include former assistant dean, associate dean, and chair of the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences. She has also served as director of Campus Dining Services.

Dr. Murphy received her B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics (1982), M.S. in Human Nutrition (1983) and Ph.D. in Nutrition Research (1986) from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She has numerous publications and funded research grants in several areas of nutrition research. She has served as a peer reviewer for the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) since 2004, currently serving on the HLC Institutional Actions Council. Dr. Murphy has won numerous awards for outstanding teaching, research and service including, most recently, the Phyllis Memken Outstanding Teacher Award (2014) and the University Distinguished Service Award (2010).

Assistant to Dr. Murphy:

Jean Ann Dargatz
Email: jadarga@IllinoisState.edu
(309) 438-2915


Associate Provost

Dr. Jim Jawahar

Jim Jawahar

401N Hovey Hall
(309) 438-7018
Email: jimoham@IllinoisState.edu

The Associate Provost has the following responsibilities:

  • Serves as Provost's consultant and manager for day-to-day operations including report writing, drafting plans for implementing decisions/policies, and covering meetings/events for the Provost as needed
  • Coordinates strategic planning for the Division of Academic Affairs
  • Serves as the Academic Affairs representative on the University’s Educating Illinois Strategic Planning
  • Supervises the Director of Interdisciplinary Programs, the Director of University Assessment Services and the Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology with the Chief Technology Officer, Mark Walbert;
  • Serves as Chair of Academic Planning Committee responsible for the annual five-year academic plan and program reviews as mandated by the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE), and serves as curriculum and new program liaison to the IBHE
  • Serves as the University's liaison to the North Central Association Higher Learning Commission monitoring University and program accreditation with regional and specialized accrediting bodies.

Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies

Dr. John Baur

John Baur


401J Hovey Hall
(309) 438-3006
Email: jebaur@IllinoisState.edu

The Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies has oversight responsibility for the Research and Sponsored Programs office; Research Ethics and Compliance; the Graduate School;  and interdisciplinary units such as CeMaST, Stevenson Center and Cross Endowed Chair. The Research and Sponsored Programs office is the conduit for all sponsored research in the University.

The Graduate School serves graduate education through recruitment, admissions, retention, and graduation support activities to Colleges and Departments.

Assistant to Dr. Baur:

Judy Keenan
Email: jkeena@IllinoisState.edu
(309) 438-3006

Associate Vice President for Academic Administration, Policy, and Faculty AffairsPhoto of Dr. Sam Catanzaro

Dr. Sam Catanzaro

401H Hovey Hall
(309) 438-7018
Email: catanzar@IllinoisState.edu

The Associate Vice President for Academic Administration, Policy, and Faculty Affairs provides leadership on:

  • academic personnel matters, including the Appointment, Salary, Promotion, and Tenure (ASPT) system, recruitment, retention, sabbaticals, and related policies;
  • professional development programming for faculty and academic administrators;
  • policy review, federal compliance, and strategic planning for the Division of Academic Affairs; and
  • supervision of the Conference Services unit.

Interim Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management

Jana Albrecht

401R Hovey Hall
(309) 438-7018

Jana Albrecht

Email: jlalbre2@IllinoisState.edu

The Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management provides direction and leadership to meet the strategic enrollment goals of Illinois State University.  Through campus-wide collaboration, this position ensures the continued enrollment of talented undergraduate and graduate students who achieve high levels of collegiate success.

The Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management has responsibility for ISU's enrollment strategy and operations and is charged with overseeing the Office of Admissions, the Financial Aid Office, and the Office of the University Registrar which includes the Undergraduate Catalog and Academic Scheduling.  In addition to providing internal vision and leadership, the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management works to strengthen external partnerships that increase collegiate access and success for today's students.

Assistant to Ms. Albrecht

Soemer Simmons
Email:  srsimmo@IllinoisState.edu
(309) 438-2157

Associate Vice President for Academic Fiscal Management

Dr. Alan C. LacyAlan Lacy

401M Hovey
(309) 438-7018
Email: aclacy@IllinoisState.edu

The Associate Vice President for Academic Fiscal Management has the following responsibilities:

  • Under the guidance of the Provost, serves as fiscal agent for Provost Office and the Division of Academic Affairs and provides general oversight and accountability of budgets and budget priorities for general revenue, agency, and foundation accounts.
  • Prepares comprehensive reports and budget plans for the Provost.
  • Provides data-based, fiscal analysis for the Provost's strategic allocation of resources.
  • Oversees all operations related to contract and full cost courses.  
  • Provides administrative oversight to the Academic Impact Fund.
  • Provides administrative oversight to ISU Summer Session offerings.


Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education

Dr. Jonathan Rosenthal

Jonathan Rosenthal

401A Hovey Hall
(309) 438-2157
Email: jmrosen@IllinoisState.edu

Reporting to the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education are the Honors Program, the Office of International Studies and Programs, and University College (which includes Academic Advising, Preview summer orientation, and various units offering student academic support services).

The Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education also has primary responsibility for the University's General Education program, serves as the executive secretary of the University Curriculum Committee, and assists in the coordination of instructional and program capacity.

Assistant to Dr. Rosenthal

Soemer Simmons
Email:  srsimmo@IllinoisState.edu
(309) 438-2157

Associate Vice President for Academic Technologiesphoto of Mark Walbert

Dr. Mark Walbert

401C Hovey Hall
(309) 438-7018
Email: mswalber@IllinoisState.edu

The Associate Vice President for Academic Technologies has oversight responsibility for the Office of Academic Technologies (OAT).  OAT federates the activities of twelve units working together to provide information technology services that support the goals of Educating Illinois and enhance the purpose of technology for teaching, learning, research and creative activity, and service outreach.  Those units include Learning Spaces and Audio/Video Technology, TechZone & Student Technologies, Web & Interactive Communications, the Center for Learning and Technology (with Associate Provost Jim Jawahar), and the academic technology support units in each of the six Colleges and Milner Library.

Interim Director, Civic Engagementphoto of Janet Paterson

Dr. Janet Paterson

Center for Community Engagement and Learning
(309) 438-8525
Email: jwpater@ IllinoisState.edu

The interim director is responsible for developing the plans and foundational structures for a future Center for Civic Engagement at Illinois State University.  The interim director is responsible for recommending to the President, Provost, and Vice President for Student Affairs the direction and priorities of a future Center, as well as creating strategic, budget and long range planning. The interim director will work in partnership with existing units and individuals currently engaged in civic engagement initiatives to develop integrated processes and systems as well as cultivating new relationships both on campus and in the local community.   The interim director is responsible for providing regular reports and updates on progress to the Provost and VPSA and responding to requests related to civic engagement practices.

Coordinator of Academic Programs and Policy

Bruce Stoffelphotos of Bruce Stoffel

401O Hovey Hall
(309) 438-2922
Email: brstoff@IllinoisState.edu

The Coordinator for Academic Programs and Policy provides support to the Associate Provost to coordinate the program review process for all degree programs and centers, monitor all IBHE program review reporting requirements for the University, initiate and develop the University’s Academic Plan, and coordinate program approval processes for the Division of Academic Affairs.

The Coordinator works with the Assistant Vice President for Academic Administration to maintain accurate records of changes to the ASPT manual, provide support to colleges, departments and schools as they navigate ASPT processes, and organize the work of the Committee that hears promotion and tenure appeals. The Coordinator works collaboratively with the Associate Provost, the Assistant Provost, and the Coordinator of Academic Services to monitor all aspects of maintaining the University’s accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

Business/Administrative Associate

photos of Jean Ann

Jean Ann Dargatz

401K Hovey Hall
(309) 438-2915
Email: jadarga@IllinoisState.edu

The Assistant to the Provost collaborates with the Provost on project management, report and meeting preparation, researching initiatives, serving as facilitator/liaison with various constituencies and coordinating the Provost's schedule.  

This position also serves as coordinator on a variety of projects including award processes such as Distinguished and University Professors, Service and Rives awards.  Additionally, this position coordinates the Professional Development Series, the Administrators’ Retreat, New Chairs Orientation and content on the Provost’s Office website.


Business/Administrative Associate Photo of Destini Fincham

Destini Fincham

401P Hovey Hall
(309) 438-2158
Email: dafinch@IllinoisState.edu

The Business Associate works directly with the AVP for Academic Fiscal Management.  The Business Associate supports the financial strategy, analysis, and solvency of Academic Affairs.

This position also provides leadership, monitoring, and education to lead staff in the Colleges.  In addition, this position works directly with the Academic Impact Fund, Academic Affairs: Hiring Restriction Requests, Budget Reporting and Planning, Recruitment and Sage Foundation Fund.



Administrative Aide

Soemer SimmonsSoemer Simmons 0716

401B Hovey Hall
(309) 438-2157
Email: srsimmo@IllinoisState.edu

The Administrative Aide to the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies supports and collaborates in matters related to enrollment research, presentations, general education, and report preparation as well as coordinating schedules.  

Soemer serves as the support person for the Council on General Education, the Committee on Critical Inquiry, as well as the Academic Advisory Council’s budget and awards processes.  She provides overrides to students seeking enrollment in Interdisciplinary Studies courses

Soemer also coordinates with Admissions, Financial Aid, University Registrar, and University College in budget process, hiring, and policy matters.

Office Manager photo

Christie Wissmiller

401 Hovey Hall
(309) 438-3662
Email:  clwissm@IllinoisState.edu


Business Associate AideAmy Witzig

Amy Witzig

401Q Hovey Hall
(309) 438-3725
Email:  amwitzi@IllinoisState.edu

The Business/Administrative Associate Aide works directly with the AVP for Academic Fiscal Management and the Business/Administrative Associate on fiscal management matters. This position works with the reconciliation of academic accounts, such as Academic Impact Fund (AIF) tenure track accounts, and other budget related projects.  The Business/Administrative Aide coordinates the Full-Cost Recovery (FCR) and contract (grant funded and agency paid) courses and serves as the primary contact for outside agencies as well as inquiries from Department Chairs, Assistant/Associate Deans, and Deans.  This position coordinates with other offices for the admission and registration of these courses.

In addition, this positions works with the SURS approval processes, Material Fees, Hiring Restriction Requests, Moving Reimbursements, and Annual Academic Affairs Annual Budget Presentations.






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